Chanteloup's story

A small noble fief…

The Souffront family who lives in Le Mans bought the Chanteloup estate in 1960 as a country house. But times are tough and property maintenance is costly. Also, Michel Souffront decided in 1972 to install a 4-star campsite by taking advantage of the many existing buildings (not the least market study but immediate membership in the very young chain Les Castels where heritage preservation and hospitality are the key- words). Before, the outbuildings served as a farm with cows, pigs, pheasants and chickens. The 5 lodgings in the old Orangery and on the farm were opened a few years ago. Throughout the year, four people maintain and improve the property. For over 20 years, his son Dominique has managed and developed the campsite and the property.
But before ?
From the 14th century, Chanteloup, or rather Boisrier, the real name, is mentioned. After the “departure” of our English friends at the beginning of the 15th century, a small noble manor is built : it is the Orangery, near the pond. Modified over the centuries, and restored in 1996, it now houses two lodgings. In 1815, the castle was built by Countess Ogier d’Ivry, who had two sons but only one castle, Passay, near here. So she built the castle for her second son. The outbuildings and the park were completed around 1850. Then several families succeeded each other until 1960. You will find the detailed history in one of the frames in the bar and photos of a century ago in the living room of the castle reserved for you.
The house is in Louis XVI style, very classic, and very pleasant to live in, especially for family celebrations.

Discover the castle seen from the sky

Le Château de Boisrier, lieu-dit Chanteloup