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Buying a second-hand motorhome, an obstacle course?

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Never before have so many used motorhomes been sold as they are today. But the demand is such that a shortage has been noticeable for some years. The current health crisis has accelerated this phenomenon. As a result, prices are on the rise and individuals are pushing out the professionals, who are becoming more and more numerous.

Before the arrival of the Internet and before the development of commercial sites, people who wanted to buy a second-hand motor home almost systematically went to dealers who, thanks to trade-ins and sales depots, had a large stock of second-hand vehicles. The small ads, published in the press at the time, were derisory. But the arrival of sites like Leboncoin in the mid-2000s changed everything in the second-hand market. Today, there are many ways to find the motorhome of your dreams. At the same time, the demand for recreational vehicles has exploded in recent years. And the health crisis has further accentuated this phenomenon. New vehicle sales continue to grow, although production has lagged since March 2020. As a result, the number of opportunities also increases.

Second-hand motorhomes: in full boom!

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