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Plan your family fishing holiday in Chanteloup!

Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Peche e nfamille

All holidaymakers remember with excitement the famous family fishing trips. At Chanteloup there are many fish in the pond, very large ones and plenty of space around the banks to gather. In a natural and preserved setting, moments of sharing and conviviality are guaranteed with your children. Take your fishing rods, we are waiting for you!

At their age, you too loved fishing with your family

Do you remember the first time you fished ? Did you get hooked right away? How old were you? Who taught you? Fishing is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family in any weather.

The checklist for a successful fishing holiday!

At dawn, when the sun has not yet risen and a light fog still hangs over the pond, the little fishing enthusiasts prepare themselves under the watchful eye of their father. It is important not to forget anything, and in the heat of the moment it is better to have a list.

> store bait in boxes
> choose the hooks and keep them in stock (there may be mistakes)
> take your fishing rod, line and reel
> provide the basket to put the fish in (we are always very optimistic)
> bring the landing net to catch them without harming them

For thirst and hunger, because it is tiring to fish, there is nervousness and stress, the mother has planned everything. Of course, she takes her camera to immortalise this very first time. Fishing with the family is no picnic!

All the little novice anglers are ready, the parents can start. This little world in turmoil criss-crosses the banks of the pond in a queue to find the best place. “Shh, don’t scare the fish”, “Don’t get too close to the edge”, “Move slowly so you don’t fall”, the parents are attentive but find it difficult to contain their enthusiasm. Once the ideal spot has been found with sun, a little shade and a nice view of the castle, the family settles in.

The first time I went fishing was with my parents…

The fishing rods are out and the hooks are attached to the end of the line. With the help of the father, who observes the smallest and often clumsy gestures of his children, the children take bait and hook it to the end of their line. You have to learn to tie them well but be careful not to hurt yourself with the hook. “Ugh, it’s disgusting”, “Look, mine is still moving”, “But Daddy, doesn’t it hurt them?”, the questions fly and the good mood is there. “When the equipment is ready and the bait is in place, family fishing can begin.

Now comes the tricky part: throwing the cork far enough without the line getting tangled in the surrounding bushes and also avoiding the hook accidentally getting caught on clothing. This action requires concentration and skill. The father, a fishing enthusiast, takes a rod and shows his children how to throw the cork. Her attentive audience follows her every move. Like funny little puppets, they imitate their father’s movements and practice. Now it’s time to really do it but it’s still a bit scary. The children take over in a hustle and bustle of joy under the advice of the experienced fisherman. What a joy to fish with the familyand what good memories to have.

What a great family fishing holiday your children will remember

The day unfolds peacefully on the banks of the pond, with feverish passages when the cork disappears from the surface of the water or when the rod reels in a pretty silver fish. Shouts and laughter accompany the trophy as it wriggles its way into the net. Our little fisherman is a hero. Everyone congratulates him. The family takes many pictures and the parents are so proud. What an intoxicating feeling it is to be caught, when the fish takes the bait. However, you have to put it back in the water quickly, there is not a minute to lose. Fishing yes, but just for fun, you have to let the fish live without hurting it. Catching your first fish is a memory that stays with you for life. Share these moments with your children, they will really love it!

For all your family activities, Chanteloup has a lot to offer and many strings to its bow. Do you want to discover a new experience for new sensations? Follow the guide, we have plenty more to suggest to you and your children! Have you tried the campfire ?