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Our swimming pool, a real place of life and conviviality

Camping Piscine Sarthe - Camping Château de Chanteloup : vue sur le bassin en demi cercle, enfants qui jouent

Camping de Chanteloup – Camping 5 étoiles dans la Sarthe

Even in the Sarthe, summers are often hot! That’s why our outdoor swimming pool is waiting for you!
At the Chanteloup campsite near Le Mans in the Sarthe, we offer our guests and campers our friendly and cosy swimming pool area free of charge, so that they can enjoy good times with their family or friends.

A pool in the heart of nature

The campsite’s swimming pool, located in the immense park of the Château, is a real haven of peace and is ideal for nature lovers and those who enjoy the great outdoors. It is nestled in a green setting. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the peacefulness of the place will allow you to disconnect completely and take full advantage of your holiday.

The swimming pool blends harmoniously with the garden and the nature present thanks to the absence of water slides and water games. The surrounding landscape is not altered in any way. The pool is located in the middle of the campsite, surrounded by flowers and large trees, so that it is easily accessible from all pitches and gîtes.

A swimming pool with 3 pools

At the Chanteloup campsite swimming pool, there is something for everyone. Our swimming pool is completely safe and is protected by a protective barrier for children. The younger children have their own paddling pool, and the older children have two other large pools with different depths

A paddling pool for children

The weather is nice and warm, your children want to splash around? Follow them to the pool and have fun with them!
The paddling pool for the little ones is 30 cm deep. It is semi-circular and is located in front of the small gate at the entrance.
This shallow pool will delight the little ones for ball games or water pistols! You can also sit on the edge and watch them in the sunshine. Come and spend pleasant moments with the whole family, it’s the only time of the year when you have time to enjoy everyone without feeling guilty!

A heated main pool for older children

When the air is cooler, you will certainly enjoy the heated water of this pool at an ideal temperature to enjoy it in any weather!
The central pool is rectangular and is the largest. It has a depth of 80 cm at the bottom of the steps to 1.5 m at the end of the pool.
If you like sports activities, it is ideal. Why not have a swim race with your eldest son, invent challenges with your friends or dive with the family to retrieve the plastic ring at the bottom of the pool?
For those without children, a few short swims are so enjoyable, especially in the mornings when no one is around. This pool is perfect for laps

A large circular pool with fountains

This last pool at the back against the wall also measures 1.50 m over its entire surface. Beautiful fountains flow into the water with a charming gurgling sound.
The semi-circular pool, the deepest, allows older children to relax, swim or simply cool off while being far enough away from the younger children’s games. It is also ideal for those who like to dive.

Around the pool there are areas for relaxation and entertainment

The Chanteloup campsite swimming pool is the place where children, families and friends like to meet during the summer! It invites you to be lazy, to relax and to enjoy the moment!

The swimming pool with its deckchairs and lawn is a must

Our swimming pool is surrounded by green grass and has sun loungers and parasols if the sun is hot.

This green carpet with its chiliennes is the perfect place to relax and sunbathe for a moment of reading together or with the family. It is indeed the perfect opportunity to simply enjoy the moment and immerse yourself in an exciting book; on holiday you have time!

If you want to meet new people and chat, don’t worry, you’re bound to find someone to talk to.

And if, on the other hand, you’re looking for a nice nap in the shade, but it’s too hot under your tent, come and enjoy one of our parasols, close your eyes and let yourself be lulled by the birdsong!

For those who don’t want to stay disconnected for too long, wifi is available on the whole property!

The campsite playground next to the swimming pool

The wooden playground blends in with nature. It is located right next to the swimming pool area, which allows you to change activities according to the wishes of the little ones. Sit comfortably in the shade of your parasol and you can keep an eye on your children, without moving! And when they get too hot on the trampoline or swing, they’ll be back to cool off in no time!

The pool bar, a shared pleasure

And why not extend this pleasant moment with the pool bar? It is located at the back, leaning against the forest. It is a small wooden hut which opens its front during the high season for the pleasure of all. When the weather is hot, a member of the Chanteloup team will be on hand to serve you cold drinks (beers, fruit juices or sodas) or various ice creams.
This is the place to be, especially when it’s time for a snack. If your children are hungry, you can treat them! They will enjoy an ice cream on their towel, and you can sip a cold drink.

It can therefore accommodate young and old and please the whole family. In short, you will have understood that at the Château de Chanteloup campsite, the swimming pool is perfect for everyone and can be adapted to all activities
This is what you need to have a great time that will leave your children with good memories!

Your holidays can finally begin!