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Discover the different pitches of camping Château de Chanteloup

For your next stay, the Domaine de Chanteloup welcomes you to one of its many campsites. Spread over the entire estate in a wooded, natural and green environment, they will offer you all the comfort and services necessary to enjoy a relaxing and friendly holiday.

The 9 zones of the Chanteloup campsites

All 124 pitches are equipped with an electric hook-up and a water supply and are spread over 9 different areas. To identify them, nothing could be easier as we have given them each a name that corresponds to their identity and their singularities. You will be able to choose a pitch in one of the areas that corresponds to your expectations and desires, because at Camping de Chanteloup, we always make sure to offer our customers what they expect. The 9 zones of our locations are :

• The Cynthia zone (in light blue on the map)
• The Verger zone (in pink on the map)
• The Potager zone (in red on the map)
• The Lac zone (in dark blue on the map)
• The Pommier zone (in orange on the map)
• The Maison zone (in purple on the map)
• The Bois zone (in brown on the map)
• The Wood zone (in green on the map)
• The Chesnaie zone, located just at the entrance (in ochre on the map)

The different pitches of the campsite

Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Abre Separation

Campsites in the Cynthia area

The 13 pitches in the Cynthia area are positioned on a wide, beautiful U-shaped lawn with a magnificent 100-year-old plane tree standing majestically in the middle. You will appreciate the calm and serenity that reigns there, the shade of the plane tree during the summer months and, as a bonus, you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Château. It’s no surprise that this is one of the favourite areas for regular campers!

Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Abre Separation

The campsites in the Verger area

The 18 particularly spacious pitches in the Orchard area offer the perfect balance between the green of the wide expanse of grass on which they are laid out and the blue of the nearby pond. You will hear the wind rustling through the reeds and the birds singing. The campsites in the Verger area are located near the Orangerie, the oldest building on the estate, dating from the 15th century. A place that is sought after for its tranquillity but which is also ideal for those who wish to enjoy moments of sharing with friends, family or other guests.

Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Abre Separation

Campsites in the Potager area

If for you holidays are an opportunity to enjoy sunbathing in a quiet environment, then the pitches in the Potager zone have everything to please you! Ideally situated on a large, green and sunny area, the 10 pitches are slightly set back from the rest of the estate and offer the tranquillity you are looking for. There are also some fruit trees and, of course, the kitchen garden where herbs and seasonal vegetables flourish.

And the undeniable charm of the campsites in the Potager zone is that they are set in a large, enclosed area. They are surrounded by an old stone wall, covered with beautiful rosebushes that are in constant bloom throughout the summer. A real haven of peace within the campsite!

Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Abre Separation

Campsites in the Lac Zone

The Lac area, with its hundred-year-old trees, groves and various rosebushes, is very popular with Chanteloup campers. In this green setting, the 22 pitches are spacious and comfortable, with easy access to the nearby lake. The proximity of the campsite’s swimming pool also makes it an ideal location for couples as well as for families with children and grandchildren.

Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Abre Separation

Campsites in the Pommier area

Located in a tree-lined clearing, the 13 pitches of the Pommier zone combine a quiet environment with proximity to the restaurant and other facilities of the Chanteloup campsite – such as the sanitary facilities. The pitches located in the forest offer all the peace and quiet that some people are looking for and the others near the swimming pool and children’s playground are perfect for those who come with their families.
Some pitches in particular, pitches 1 to 7, are somewhat separated from the others, as they are bordered by beautiful hedges of hornbeam; thus offering the intimacy sought by some and giving them a very appreciable cosy feel.
In either case, the locations in the Pommier area are sure to please!

5 star campsite Château de Chanteloup : Camping car on a pitch in the Pommier area
Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Abre Separation

Campsites in the Maison zone

Located just opposite the Château, the pitches in the Maison zone are perfect for fans of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Le Mans Classic. These pitches are exclusively available during these two key events in the region (with the exception of pitch 2, which is open at all times, and pitch 1, which is a Glamping pitch).

These are therefore locations that we recommend if you follow these two legendary races. At the same time, you will enjoy meeting other guests in the Maison area, as these pitches are very close to the bar, the lounge and the entertainment on the lawn. A high point in the social life of the Chanteloup campsite, made up of moments of sharing and good humour in all circumstances.

5 star campsite Château de Chanteloup : Pitches in the Maison zone
Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Abre Separation

Campsites in the Bois area

The Bois area will suit you if you want your holiday to be one of rest and serenity. Set back from the rest of the campsite, in an unspoilt natural setting where the sound of birdsong gives rhythm to the day, this area of the campsite is sought after by regulars who want to stay a little apart. Living up to its name, the Bois area has the added advantage of being populated by majestic trees that provide welcome coolness and shade on hot, sunny summer days. The 24 spacious pitches in the Bois area are waiting for you to enjoy a relaxing, green and rejuvenating stay!

Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Abre Separation

Campsites in the Wood area

In addition to the provision of a power point and a common water supply for all the pitches on the campsite, the pitches in the Wood area also have a sewage disposal system and even a connection to the main sewer. As you can see, the 13 pitches that make up the Wood area are designed to provide all the comfort and convenience you would expect from a 5-star campsite. But that’s not all, as the Wood area is also ideal for couples and families who want to enjoy a peaceful environment. Because it is set back from the other areas of the estate, the place is indeed gentle with its many trees, shrubs and plants.

Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : dans la zone Wood
Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Abre Separation

Campsites in the Chesnaie area

Practical and functional, the pitches in the Chesnaie area have quick access to a complete sanitary block – showers, toilets, washbasins – and are located very close to the main entrance of the Chanteloup campsite. These pitches are located in the vast clearing of the Domaine and benefit from the shade provided by the many trees.

5 star campsite Château de Chanteloup : Pitches in the Chesnaie area
Camping 5 étoiles Château de Chanteloup : Abre Separation

The different areas of the Chanteloup campsite each have their own particularities and offer a wide choice of camping pitches. Whether it’s for a day, a short stay, a week or more, we’re sure you’ll enjoy a holiday that meets all your expectations. In a camper van, a van or in a tent, our pitches are waiting for you.
So don’t wait any longer and book your place now!