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Activities at the Domaine de Chanteloup

Animations au Camping - les Scottish Games, les Jeux Olympiques de Chanteloup

Choosing an accommodation at Château de Chanteloup means choosing the luxury of a 5-star campsite, the peace and quiet of the Sarthe countryside, and a relaxing environment for an unforgettable holiday with family or friends.

However, there is still plenty of entertainment for all ages and tastes!

Some of our evenings even turn into extraordinary experiences! Between calm and relaxing leisure activities, sports activities or discoveries for the little ones, follow the guide, we’ll take you to the heart of summer on our Domain!

Pond fishing on the Domaine de Chanteloup

Would you like a pond with plenty of fish and easy access all around? This is exactly what we offer in Chanteloup!

Pond fishing is the ultimate fun activity! Your children will love it! Once you have packed all your fishing gear and provided some cold drinks and a small snack, you can spend a pleasant moment under the trees or in the shade of your parasol watching your cork and hoping to get a fish out of the water.

What happiness when finally, after several long minutes of waiting, the cork flows! This is the most delicate part: reeling in the fish, removing the hook without hurting it. The operation was a success and the children were delighted!

The fish must then be returned to the water very quickly to allow it to live without harming it. Of course, before that, don’t forget to take a souvenir photo!

Sports tournaments

A camping holiday means a sports tournament! Chanteloup is no exception to the rule, there will be sport and competition!

Come and take up the challenge on the petanque court, compete in a football, volleyball or basketball match.

To bring young and old together, we are also organising the Chanteloup Olympic Games, which bring together several sporting activities during which you can compete against your neighbours, friends and family!

The little farm

Right at the entrance to the Château de Chanteloup, in a large enclosure, the little ones can come and stroke and feed the farm animals.

There are rabbits, goats, sheep, donkeys and even ponies! Poultry are also part of the group.

The small farm is accessible to all children who want to be in contact with animals in close contact with nature.

After a good time at the swimming pool and to soothe the end of the day, taking a short walk to pet the little animals of the farm allows you to spend a good moment full of calm and softness.

The night of horror in Chanteloup

At the Domaine de Chanteloup, we don’t wait for Halloween to scare us! It is indeed at nightfall and in small groups that children, as well as parents, will be able to discover the Estate from a new angle!

At the bend of a tree, in the forest or in the middle of the pond, several characters await you to make you jump, laugh and shiver! This is a great way to spend an evening while discovering another aspect of the Château!

The children’s campfire

An essential moment of the summer at the Domaine de Chanteloup: the children’s campfire!

This activity, organised as part of the Kids Club, is eagerly awaited!

On the menu: music, fruit juice, marshmallows and, above all, good humour!
At the end of the day, as the heat becomes milder, the children and leaders gather around the campfire.

The place is magical, nestled in the heart of the forest, you can see the fire crackling! Makeshift benches built with tree trunks have been set up around the fire and a makeshift refreshment stand under a sail is ready to receive guests.

Under the supervision of the parents, the children will be able to roast their marshmallows on a stick in the campfire! Tonight, anything goes! The greediest ones take the opportunity to enjoy their sticky, toasted sweets while the parents chat amongst themselves. It is not uncommon to hear the gentle melody of a guitar mingling with the laughter of the children.

In the late evening, small clowns appear behind the trees. The Chanteloup forest is enchanted!

Everything is magical and the summer will be unforgettable for young and old alike!

And don’t forget the Château’s swimming pool, which is open throughout the season and is a great place to cool off with friends.

For those who wish to discover the surroundings of Chanteloup, tourism in the Sarthe will satisfy you! Between the small typical villages of the Pays de la Loire, the castles, the archaeological sites, the historical monuments, the museums or the hiking trails, you will just have to choose!

Not forgetting, of course, the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit for motor sports enthusiasts!