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It’s amazing what you can do on holiday with your dog at the Chanteloup campsite in the Sarthe!

Camping 5 étoiles du Chateau De Chanteloup : En vacances avec son chien

As someone who loves being with his or her pet so much, you surely love to share magical moments with your pet when you go away from home during the summer holidays. He will enjoy discovering the surroundings through walks rich in new smells, meeting other dogs of different breeds, having sporting experiences with you without forgetting the naps and cuddles that go with it. We have lots of good ideas and experiences here in Chanteloup that you will love.

Top 8 activities in Chanteloup when on holiday with your dog

Many of them tread with their little paws on the reception mat, which is always cool in summer, with their owners. They are always grateful for a bowl of water, a big smile and a welcome pat. For our dog friends, the camping is free, and if you have two or three dogs, no problem, they are at home here. There are some rules of course, like everywhere: keep them on a leash around the castle and pick up after them for everyone’s well-being and comfort.

5 star campsite Chateau De Chanteloup : Your dog on holiday in Chanteloup

Enjoy a morning walk with your dog

In the early morning, the many forest paths on the estate are an incredible playground for our doggie friends. You can also let them go, freedom is priceless! The morning walk in the cool of the morning when the campsite is still silent remains a moment of complicity with your dog and it is not uncommon for the regulars to find themselves together to share these magical moments. The fragrances open up, the essences and smells are exacerbated by the dew, the forest smells good and the truffles of our pets enjoy it.

Have free time to take your dog for a jog

Joggers and cyclists also take advantage of the paths that criss-cross the Chanteloup park and are delighted to take their dog for a little exercise as soon as they wake up before breakfast. Sometimes the more sporty ones go a little further and take to the roads around Sillé-le-Philippe. This is always a great way to start the day and your dog will have had his fill of fresh air and vitality!

In addition, our little friends will take the opportunity to fetch the bread on the terrace of the castle with their owner. Many little doggies come to smell the scent of the good warm bread when Véronique the baker takes it out of the big white bags in a cloud of flour to place it in front of an ever-growing queue of campers who are still badly awake. The pains au chocolat and viennoiseries form lovely little mountains of crispness and it is not uncommon for an affectionate owner to let his hand hang down with a large piece of croissant for his four-legged friend. After the effort the comfort!

Lazing by the lake, your dog likes to rest as much as you do

The lake and its surroundings are an ideal place for complicity. The dogs are delighted, they always stay with you. Regularly in summer, fishermen and their dogs enjoy their favourite activity. Some walkers have fun throwing sticks into the water, which their furry friend fetches immediately, yelping with delight. Families like to stroll in the shade of the trees for a nap or to read and their dog always has a special place to cuddle. The small frogs, of which there are many in this area, are jumping around and are a real entertaining challenge for our four-legged friends, because if they don’t jump, we can’t see them. They are small and green and totally camouflaged in the grass.

Summer outdoor games on the large lawns with the whole family

On the large meadows surrounded by camping pitches, there is a huge space in the centre (a special feature of the Chanteloup campsite) and the playground is suitable for all activities. Everyone pulls out the game the family has packed for the holidays, Molky, badminton rackets and net or balls. All the latest novelties are on display and many people play with their pets, even though “throwing a ball” is still an unmistakable classic. Dogs are simply happy. Aren’t holidays beautiful?

The pleasure of walking around the estate in a golfette with your dog

Some of our lucky four-legged friends even had the privilege of taking a little golfette ride with their families. When the location is not nearby, when the golfette is of course available and especially when there are children, it is not uncommon for the team members to offer you a ride on the golfette. Your dog is of course welcome to join you. With his ears to the wind, he will enjoy the ride without getting tired.

Enjoying watching your dog chase ducks

At the campsite, there is the “duck family” who love to move between the caravans, near the tents and close to the campers who hasten to throw them bread. We knew them as babies, the parents followed by a flock of little ducklings in single file. They are part of the scenery, hence the nickname “the duck family”. Our dog friends are always tempted to grab a feather or two. It is certainly a fun game but rather difficult, as the ducks are always faster.

Take the opportunity to meet holidaymakers who have a dog

Summer is still the perfect time for you and your pet to meet new people. So many families come to Chanteloup with their dogs. Everyone enjoys the terrace and lounge to bask in the sun and have a cool drink. When you have time you are much more available and open to conversation. Many people have made friends in Chanteloup, often with the same interest in “dogs”. The Barbecues every Saturday evening in high season are much appreciated because it is a summary of everything: meetings, conviviality, family gatherings, children playing around, human warmth and sharing. As a result, your dog will receive attention and affection and will always be able to stay close to you.

Taking your dog to a restaurant during the holidays

The big advantage at Chanteloup is that the restaurant’s tables are set outside under a large open tent, so you can come to the restaurant with your pet. Yes, it is possible and both holidaymakers and their four-legged friends are delighted. However, your pet will have to stick to it, that’s the only condition.

Why deprive yourself of the company of your beloved pet when all the boxes are ticked at the Château de Chanteloup campsite? With the XXL pitches and the space with its forest and large meadows, you can even come with several dogs! Again it’s free for them so go ahead and book your pitch for the summer, plus there are plenty of activities outside Chanteloup that you can do with dogs 😊.

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